About Bawarchi's!

Gather with your family and enjoy the dinner

Bawarchi Biryani

Bawarchi Biryani Point isn't just about food -- it's about family and our traditions. Our customers are our fans for life and that is because we deliver delicious and tantalizing food. Eating here feels like being in a neighborhood diner of India. Eventhough we have grown from one restaurant in Hyderabad, South India to a global chain the basics of good quality food with traditional values is what drives us every day.

The food you love.
The tradition we follow.

What makes us special?

  • A. Bold Flavors with Fresh Ingredients

    At Bawarchi's we serve traditional South and North Indian food. Our fusion of bold and savory indian flavors coupled with fresh ingredients and the spices of india has created the signature menu, starring our Hyderabad Nawabi Chicken Dum Biryani. Our tandoor - traditional indian clay oven, caters our signature grilled menu items like the Tandoori chicken, Chicken Tikka Kebab and Goat Sheesh

  • B. Local focus with the ambience of Indian Culture

    We pride ourselves on giving back locally, keeping a neighborhood focus and treating our guests more like family than customers. Our art at dishes is portrayed in a sophisticated setting with formal elegance and buoyant atmosphere where the architecture has been set with stylish d├ęcor from India. The ambience is complimented with classical indian music making one feel as if they were in India.

  • C. Service, Service, Service

    Nothing makes us happier than having happy customers. Our employees know service comes first and focus on being friendly, courteous, accurate and quick.